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Baby Strollers is a four-wheeled carriage, often having a hood that folds back and a handle for pushing, used to carry an infant or small child on the body of an adult. The practice has been established in many cultures for centuries. To keep babies secure and comfortable and at the same time allowing the mothers freedom to work and travel.

Picking a top rated baby stroller with so many choices available is no easy task. A lot of strollers today can be purchased for quite a bit less, however you often times get what you pay for. We should make sure baby stroller can withstand the test of time, and kicks, and hits.

One of the biggest considerations when buying a new top rated baby stroller is making sure it is part of a travel system. By purchasing a travel system, you are able to remove the car seat and attach it to your stroller. This is super handy and a make your life a lot easier. This is very handy when you are crammed for space on road trips. Is the stroller travel system able to be folded easily.Make sure to consider these couple stroller features before deciding on your next top rated baby stroller.

Styles of Baby Strollers are Standard or Full Featured strollers, Travel Systems, Jogging Strollers and others. The Standard stroller, these tend to be the larger options that contain all the creature comforts parents and babies could want and need and most is the ability to easily attach an infant car seat. Extra padding and snack trays are generally standard features as well. They rate the highest for ease of use, maneuverability and most of all parent satisfaction

Travel System are by far the most popular of purchasing a first baby stroller. Encompassing not only a full-featured stroller but an infant car seat as well, only downside to purchasing a travel system is that the stroller itself can be hefty, sometimes weighing 35 pounds. Jogging Strollers is designed with three wheels for smooth pushing, equipped with inflatable bike tires, hand brakes, shock absorbers and a plush suspension which makes it a smooth ride for baby. Jogging strollers are usually the first picks because of the lightweight construction.

Brands of Baby Strollers are Maclaren Volo, Combi Savvy Soho, Peg Perego Aria MT, Britax Preview Lightweight Stroller, Zooper Waltz, Chicco Caddy, Inglesina Swift, Peg Perego Pliko, Combi Flash Universal Car seat Stroller Frame, Kolcraft Tour Sport. The Maclaren Volo is ultra-light, has a sturdy frame and beautiful steering. You won't struggle to make tight corners with this stroller.The carry strap and five-point harness are nice features. The Combi Savvy is one of the lightest strollers on the market today. The guard bar is removable, which is convenient when baby grows to toddler hood, has a large storage basket, sunshade and machine-washable seat cushion. The carry strap and ultra-compact fold make this a great baby stroller for travel.

The Peg Perego Aria MT one of the more expensive lightweight strollers, a multi-position reclining seat, carry strap, five-point harness, roomy seat and basket, removable child tray, parent cup holder and sunshade are all standard on this 10 pound stroller. This is a great choice for families who travel a lot. The Britax Preview Lightweight Stroller this stroller connects with the infant car seat, can easily be used as a stand-alone stroller. The aluminum frame, all-wheel suspension and removable diaper bag are the standout features of the Britax Preview stroller. The Zooper Waltz, weighing 16 pounds, lightweight stroller has a removable front armrest for ease in getting baby in an out, a sun shade for baby and is compatible with some infant car seats. This stroller also comes with a rain shield and a winter boot to keep baby's toes warm.

The Chicco Caddy is a sturdier version of a basic umbrella stroller. At 11 pounds, this is lightweight, but has features normally found on standard strollers. The seat has two recline positions and a five-point harness for baby safety. A sun shade, storage basket, carry strap and stroller storage bag all come with the stroller. The Inglesina Swift has a foot pedal mechanism for folding and features a sunshade, storage basket and five-point harness, it is a nice safety feature for families who walk or travel a lot at night. The Peg Perego Pliko has a universal car seat strap that allows any infant seat to be attached to the stroller. With a washable seat, carrying handle, height-adjust handles, large basket, swing-open child tray and reclining seat.

The Combi Flash Universal Car seat Stroller Frame is easy to carry using the built-in strap. The frame accommodates most infant seats, which snap into the stroller frame, allowing parents to move baby easily from car to stroller. The Kolcraft Tour Sport it is perfect for quick trips, this lightweight stroller has a sun shade and padded, reclining seat for baby and a cup holder and gear bag for parents.


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